Dangerous Chemicals Identification

       According to regulations on the Safety Management of Hazardous Chemicals (No. 591 Decree of the State Council) and Identification and Classification Management of Chemical Physical Hazard (No. 60 Decree of the State Administration of Work Safety), the former State Administration of Work Safety established ‘Chemical’s Physical Hazards Identification and Classification Technical Committee’ in November 2013 and announced the first 11 chemical physical hazard identification institutions in China in No. 7 Announcement in 2016. This institute is the only one that has obtained this qualification in the three northeastern provinces among the 11 chemical physical hazard identification institutions.

Service project

The total area of this physical hazards laboratory is larger than 60 square meters. Chemicals’ physical hazards identification reports that approved by Ministry of Emergency Management (State Administration of Work Safety) can be provided by this institution. Explosion laboratory had passed the Dutch OECD GLP inspection for the first time at 2012 and obtained international qualifications. The detail test items of this institution included explosive screening test, kenan test, fall hammer test, oxidizing liquids properties test, self heating substance test and so on.

Complied Guidelines

• The guidelines for chemicals physical hazards and the related standards of other countries;
• Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods-Manual of Tests and Criteria;
• Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals(GHS)

Qualification Platform

CMA Certificate

CNAS Certificate

CNAS English Certificate

Instruments and equipment

Oxidizing Liquids Test Apparatus

Fall hammer apparatus accessories

Kenan test phenomenon and apparatus accessories

Friction sensitivity apparatus and accessories

Business consulting

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