Physicochemical Properties

       This laboratory can supply physical-chemical test service for domestic and foreign customers in their pesticide and chemicals registration. The registration countries and regions involved are European Union, United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Ukraine, Peru, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia and other countries. At present, the laboratory can do 56 kinds of physical-chemical tests, which can meet the requirements of international and domestic chemicals and pesticide product registration. This laboratory is one of the few testing institutions in China that can do both explosive properties (shock, friction and kenan) and saturated vapor pressure (Isothermal Thermogravimetry) .

Service project

At present, the laboratory can provide domestic and foreign customers physical-chemical parameter testing service for their pesticide and chemicals registration. The detail test items are listed below (including but not limited to):
 Appearance, Melting Point/Boiling Point, Density, pH Value, Vapour Pressure, Corrosion Characteristic, Flammability, Explosive Properties, Oxidizing Properties, Flash Point, Viscosity, Particle size distribution, Suspensibility, Wet sieving, Spontaneity Dispersion, Persistent Foaming, Pourability, Miscibility, Low Temperature Stability, Accelerated Storage Stability, Metals/Metal Ions Stability, Surface Tension, Partition Coeffcient, Dissociation Constants in Water, Solubility in Organic Solvents, Hydrolysis

Complied Guidelines

• OCED / CIPAC handbooks; EPA, COUNCIL REGULATION(EC) and some other guidelines for the testing of physical-chemical properties ;
• The series standards of People's Republic of China Agriculture industry NY/T 1860‘Guidelines on the determination of physic-chemical properties of pesticides’.

Qualification platform

GLP Certificate

Instruments and equipment

Corrosion Metal Apparatus, Solid Flammability Apparatus、Constant Temperature, Oscillator Incubator, Constant Temperature Water Bath, Close-up Flash point Apparatus, Melting Point/Boiling Point Apparatus, Surface Tension instrument, Rotational Viscometer, Kinematic Viscometer.

Shock Sensitivity Apparatus

Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer

BAM摩擦感度仪.jpgFSKM10-BAM Friction Sensitivity Apparatus

OLT420- Oxidising Liquids Test Apparatus

KT300-Kenan Test Apparatus

High Performance Liquid Chromatograph

Business consulting

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