Risk assessment and registration consultation

       The research and development of new pesticides is a high-input and time-consuming exploration process with huge uncertainties and risks. The research and development of a new pesticide takes 10 years, with an investment of 1 billion yuan, and tens of thousands of compounds are screened. How to improve efficiency and avoid risks is the primary consideration. Safety Evaluation Center of Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry Ltd (SYRICI) is committed to providing one-stop service of risk assessment in discovery stage, risk assessment in registration stage, risk assessment in reassessment stage, and product registration for new pesticides.

Service items

 1. Risk Assessment
  At the new pesticide registration stage, the applicant shall submit application materials such as test reports, risk assessment reports, product safety data sheets and relevant literature materials concerning the chemistry, toxicology, pharmacodynamics, residues and environmental impacts of the product. Risk assessment conclusions are important basis for registration reviews and related standards development. The risk assessment services we provide include:
 • Dietary risk assessment
 • Recommended residue standard setting
 • Occupational exposure health risk assessment
  • Environmental risk assessment and model calculation
  • Hygienic pesticide risk assessment
  • Advanced stage risk assessment test
  • Risk assessment technical training
  2. Registration consultation
 Pesticide manufacturers and enterprises that export pesticides to China should obtain pesticide registration in accordance with the “Pesticide Registration Management Measures”, and new pesticide developers may also apply for pesticide registration.
  • Registration plan formulation
  • Registration data review
  • Registration data gap analysis
  • Test supervision and data reduction application
  • Label and manual production
  • Registration data preparation and submission
  • Regulatory advice and training

Expert team

 • Familiar with pesticide registration data requirements
 • In-depth participated in the development and verification of the China Pesticide Registration Series Risk Assessment Guide
 • Experience in toxicology/environmental toxicology testing and risk assessment
 • Relying on the strong and comprehensive technical capabilities of Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry Ltd, we provide one-stop technical consulting service system in the fields of product chemistry, efficacy, residue, toxicology and environmental toxicology.

Business Consulting

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