Toxicity Screening

       绿色新化学品研发,需要早期毒性鉴定,预防发生风险。现有化学品评估要求快速进行毒性预测,以减少动物的使用,使用新技术提高评价的准确性,克服传统方法周期长和外推的不确定性。机构基于计算机辅助筛选、体外细胞筛选及体内动物筛选实验体系,建立分级筛选策略,对化合物和生物小分子的理化性质、ADME性质、毒理学和环境效应进行预测和筛选。通过CMR\EDC\PBT等危害终点预测,能够对物质毒性快速分级。结合计算模型暴露风险评估,为建立高危优先管理物质服务。[View More+]

Physio-chemical Property

       This laboratory can supply physical-chemical test service for domestic and foreign customers in their pesticide and chemicals registration. The registration countries and regions involved are European Union, United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Ukraine, Peru, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia and other countries. At present, the laboratory can do 56 kinds of physical-chemical tests, which can meet the requirements of international and domestic chemicals and pesticide product registration. This laboratory is one of the few testing institutions in China that can do both explosive properties (shock, friction and kenan) and saturated vapor pressure (Isothermal Thermogravimetry) .[View More+]

Health Effects

       作为国内最早开展安全性评价的机构之一,我们拥有50余年毒理学研究的经验,从一个毒理小组一步步发展成为一个具有国内外多项GLP资质的大型安全评价中心。根据委托方的登记需要,我们可以在符合OECDGLP的规范实验室条件下,开展涵盖急性毒性、重复毒性、遗传毒性、生殖毒性及致癌性在内的全套卫生毒理学试验,为各类新化学物质提供全面的健康毒理相关试验数据和报告。[View More+]

Effects on Biotic Systems

       The laboratory has well-equipped facilities, complete instruments and comprehensive personnel capacity. A complete set of tests for the declaration of new chemicals to the Ministry of Environmental Protection from the first to the fourth levels can be carried out in this laboratory. And tests compliance with OECD GLP can be carried out according to the OECD test guidelines to provide customers with environmental safety test data for domestic and foreign registration. In addition to common environmental safety tests, services also includes high-tier tests such as pesticide aquatic ecosystem (mesocosm) test, species sensitivity distributions test, field dissipation, field monitoring tests, occupational exposure assessment. The department also undertakes environmental risk assessment business. The GLP ecological test and environmental risk assessment of ballast water can also be carried out. At the mean while, service of rapid toxicity screening test for compounds can also be provided.[View More+]

Environmental Fate and Behaviour

       The Environmental Toxicology Department of Safety Assessment Center was founded in 1998, and began to conduct environmental behavior test and environmental ecotoxicology of chemicals in 2004. The Environmental Toxicology Department is one of the first GLP qualified laboratories of the Ministry of Environmental Protection. In 2014, it achieved OECD GLP qualification from the Netherlands in the field of environmental behavior and environmental ecology. And it has successfully passed two reviews in 2016 and 2018.[View More+]

Risk Assessment and Regulatory Advisory

       The company is committed to providing policy consultation, registration and testing, risk assessment and file preparation services for new chemical production/import enterprises and overseas enterprises exporting to China.[View More+]