Drug Discovery and Screening

       Our purpose is to predicting and screening the early physicochemical properties, biological activities, ADME properties and toxicity of candidate compounds. It could improve research efficiency, reduce research risk, and guide drug chemists in rational structural optimization. We can also provide computer-assisted screening, cell-based screening and in vivo screening .[View More+]

Pharmacodynamics Evaluation

       The established disease models include tumor models, diabetes models, hyperlipidemia models, hyperuricemia models, thrombosis models, etc. Verified by third party and customer, the results are stable and repeatable. We can also quickly establish new disease models based on customer needs, and can cooperate with pharmacokinetics, toxicology and other specialties to provide personalized research and drug development services.[View More+]

Preclinical Safety Evaluation

       As a domestic safety evaluation institutions leader, we have toxicology studies experience for more than 50 years, have the CFDA GLP certificate, the OECD GLP certificate, AAALAC certificate, we also passed the US FDA GLP inspection. we have the ability of single dose toxicity test, repeated dose toxicity test, safety pharmacology test and local toxicity test, immune toxicity test, reproductive toxicity test, genetic toxicity test, carcinogenic test, toxicokinetics test. The experimental system including mice, rats, guinea pig, rabbits, dogs, miniature pig and non-human primates. At present, our company has provided thousands of toxicology evaluation services for customers, including Chinese medicine and natural medicine, chemical medicine and biological products. We have experienced professional toxicology researchers who can ensure the smoothly carrying out of tests and can provide scientific and accurate reports to our customers.[View More+]

PK & TK Studies

       药代动力学主要研究机体对药物代谢的动态变化,包括药物在机体内的吸收、分布、代谢及排泄(ADME)的过程。毒代动力学研究是运用药代动力学的原理和方法,定量地研究在毒性剂量下药物在动物体内的ADME过程和特点,了解药物在动物体内的分布及其靶器官,为其它毒性试验开展及结果评估提供依据。本中心可开展药物的体内和体外ADME研究,同时可以开展符合CFDA GLP要求的伴随毒代研究。中心具有辐射安全许可证,拥有丙级非密封放射性物质工作场所资质,可以开展放射性同位素标记药物的药代及毒代研究。[View More+]

Clinical Bioanalysis

       可提供符合CFDA 和OECD GLP要求的生物样品分析服务,包括生物样品分析方法的建立和验证,临床前药代及毒代,临床I、II、III期试验,临床生物等效性试验(BE)生物样品分析。[View More+]