Toxicity Screening

       绿色安全新农药研发,要求在早期阶段进行毒性评估,以提高研发成功率,降低失败风险。本机构提供对候选化合物的理化性质、ADME性质、毒理学和环境效应进行预测和筛选。服务内容包括计算机辅助预测、基于细胞的体外筛选及体内早期筛选实验等。[View More+]

Product Chemistry

       The new pesticide registration focuses on the chemical properties of the drug and the chemical composition of the product, and has a decisive role in product safety, application methods and management. The Standards and Testing Center can provide physical and chemical properties identification, product quality analysis, method validation and five-batch analysis reports, name common name of pesticide, product analysis method development, standard setting and FAO international standards development services.[View More+]

Health Effects

       As one of the earliest safety assessment institutions in China, we have more than 50 years' experience in toxicology research. We have gradually developed from a toxicology group to a large safety assessment center with several GLP qualifications at internal and abroad. Health toxicology study covering acute toxicity, repeate toxicity, genetic toxicity, reproductive toxicity, microbial pesticide pathogenicity,metabolic kinetics and carcinogenesis could be carry out in accordance with OECD GLP and ICAMA GLP. Data and reports of health toxicology study for various pesticides have used and registered in China, the Netherlands, Mexico, the United States, and the United States. Singapore, Argentina, Brazil, India, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Taiwan and other countries. In addition, we can also carry out field exposure test for pesticides, and provide risk assessment data and one-stop registration service.[View More+]

Environmental Effects

       Environmental toxicity aims to provide customers with environmental safety test data of existing and new pesticides for domestic and foreign registration. The department can provide a complete set of pesticide environmental tests for registration, including basic tests, such as aquatic toxicity test, terrestrial toxicity test, full set of environmental behavior test, and high-tier test, such as pesticide aquatic ecosystem (mesocosm) test, species sensitivity distributions test, field dissipation, field monitoring tests, occupational exposure assessment. The department also undertakes environmental risk assessment business. The GLP ecological test and environmental risk assessment of ballast water can also be carried out. At the mean while, service of rapid toxicity screening test for compounds can also be provided.[View More+]

Residual Chemistry

       We started the pesticide residue study in 1974, and mainly carrying out research on pesticide residues in animals and plants to provide residue test data for pesticide product registration.[View More+]

Risk Assessment and Regulatory

       The research and development of new pesticides is a high-input and time-consuming exploration process with huge uncertainties and risks. The research and development of a new pesticide takes 10 years, with an investment of 1 billion yuan, and tens of thousands of compounds are screened. How to improve efficiency and avoid risks is the primary consideration. Safety Evaluation Center of Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry Ltd (SYRICI) is committed to providing one-stop service of risk assessment in discovery stage, risk assessment in registration stage, risk assessment in reassessment stage, and product registration for new pesticides.[View More+]

Animal and plant metabolism

       The objective of pesticides metabolism study is to reveal adsorption, distribution, biotransformation and excretion of test item in animal and crop, analyze and identify metabolites, state metabolism pathway, explore kinetics of poison and metabolites. Metabolism and toxicokinetics study of pesticides TC, metabolism study in animal and plant of pesticide preparations could be performed in accordance with ICAMA GLP in our center. Our center has radiation safety license and class C unsealed radioactive material workplace, and relevant experiments could be carried out by radioisotope labeling technology.[View More+]