Pharmacodynamic evaluation service

       The established disease models include tumor models, diabetes models, hyperlipidemia models, hyperuricemia models, thrombosis models, etc. Verified by third party and customer, the results are stable and repeatable. We can also quickly establish new disease models based on customer needs, and can cooperate with pharmacokinetics, toxicology and other specialties to provide personalized research and drug development services.

Service items

· Cell proliferation inhibition assay
· 3D cell spheroids growth inhibition assay
· Cell migration and invasion assay(Transwell)
· Signal pathway analysis
· High content screening(HCS)
· Flow cytometry(FCM)
· Human cell Line Derived Xenograft models
· Syngeneic mouse xenograft model
· Tumorigenic assay
· PK/PD research
2.Metabolic disease
· KKay,db/db or ob/ob mouse
· High fat diet induced obesity model(DIO mouse)
· High-fat diet combined with streptozotocin-induced diabetes model(DIO/STZ mouse)
· Nicotinamide combined with streptozotocin-induced diabetes model(NA/STZ mouse)
· Glucose tolerance assay
· Hyperuricemia model
3.Circulatory system disease
· In vitro coagulation assay
· Arteriovenous bypass thrombosis model
· Venous thrombosis model(ligation or FeCl3)
· Myocardial ischemia model
· Middle cerebral artery embolism occlusion model in rat (MCAO)
· Cardiomyocyte function and ion channel
4.Inflammatory and immune diseases
· Rheumatoid arthritis model(CIA)
· Arthritis model(AIA, carrageenan)
· Acute inflammation model(Ear swelling, foot swelling)

The guidelines to be followed

According to the requirements of the sponsor and the characteristics of the test items, select the corresponding disease model and sensitive indicators.

Qualification platform

· National Shenyang Center for New Drug Safety Evaluation and Research
· Key Laboratory of New Drug Safety Evaluation Technology of Liaoning Province
· Biomedical Safety Evaluation Sub-platform of Liaoning Province


High content screening system, dynamic laser confocal scanner, flow cytometer, multi-function microplate reader, automatic coagulation analyzer, biochemical analyzer, Multi-channel physiological recorder, animal ventilator, research grade (fluorescence) Inverted microscope, chemiluminescence imager, etc.

Business Consulting

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