Drug discovery and screening

       Our purpose is to predicting and screening the early physicochemical properties, biological activities, ADME properties and toxicity of candidate compounds. It could improve research efficiency, reduce research risk, and guide drug chemists in rational structural optimization. We can also provide computer-assisted screening, cell-based screening and in vivo screening .

Service items

1.Computer aided screening
· Hit screening in silicon
· Molecular docking
· Physical and chemical properties prediction
· Metabolic properties prediction
· Toxicity prediction
2.In vitro screening
· Cell-based screening (tumor, diabetes, immunity, etc.)
· High-content screening
· Cytotoxicity screening(MTT、CCK-8)
· Genotoxicity screening(AMES, Micronucleus assay, Chromosomal aberration test, SCGE/ comet assay)
· Target organ toxicity screening(HTS)
· Binding rate of plasma protein, BRPP
· Cell permeability test
· Metabolic stability test(Liver microsome, S9, Hepatocyte, plasma)
· Metabolite identification
3.In vivo screening
· Pharmacodynamic screening( tumour, bleeding and coagulation, metabolic disease, cardiovascular disease, neurological and psychiatric disease, etc.)
· Single dose and cumulative toxicity screening
· in vivo PK

The guidelines to be followed

Refer to the OECD related in vitro test guidelines and test methods in the literature

Qualification platform

National Shenyang Center for New Drug Safety Evaluation and Research
Key Laboratory of New Drug Safety Evaluation Technology of Liaoning Province
Biomedical Safety Evaluation Sub-platform of Liaoning Province


Cell high content screening system, flow cytometry, multi-function microplate reader, gene chip scanner, real-time quantitative PCR, chemiluminescence imager, LC-MS/MS, etc.

Business Consulting

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