Environmental Effects

       Environmental toxicity aims to provide customers with environmental safety test data of existing and new pesticides for domestic and foreign registration. The department can provide a complete set of pesticide environmental tests for registration, including basic tests, such as aquatic toxicity test, terrestrial toxicity test, full set of environmental behavior test, and high-tier test, such as pesticide aquatic ecosystem (mesocosm) test, species sensitivity distributions test, field dissipation, field monitoring tests, occupational exposure assessment. The department also undertakes environmental risk assessment business. The GLP ecological test and environmental risk assessment of ballast water can also be carried out. At the mean while, service of rapid toxicity screening test for compounds can also be provided.

Service items

 1. 1. Ecotoxicological Test--Aquatic Ecosystem
  • Fish Acute Toxicity Test
  • Daphnia Acute Immobilisation Test
  • Algal Growth Inhibition Test
  • Daphnia Magna Reproduction Toxicity Test
  • Fish Early-Life Stage Toxicity Test
  2. Ecotoxicological Test--Terrestrial Ecosystem
  • Silkworm Acute Toxicity Test
  • Avian Acute Toxicity Test
  • Earthworm Acute Toxicity Test
  • Avian Reproduction Test
  • Soil Microorganism Test
  3. Microbial Pesticide Test
  • Microbial Pesticide Avian Toxicity Test
  • Microbial Pesticide Fish Toxicity Test
  • Microbial Pesticide Daphnia Toxicity Test
  • Microbial Pesticide Honeybee Toxicity Test
  • Microbial Pesticide Silkworm Toxicity Tests
  4. Environmental Fate Test
  • Hydrolysis Test
  • Water-Direct Photolysis Test
  • Adsorption and Desorption in Soil Test
  • Aerobic Metabolism in Soil Test
  • Anaerobic Metabolism in Soil Test
  • Aerobic Metabolism in Water-Sediment System Test

Compliance with the guidelines

 • Reference to related test guidelines of OECD, national standard method and industrial standard method

Certifications Platform

 • One of the first GLP qualified laboratories of the Ministry of Environmental Protection
 • One of the first qualified laboratories of the Ministry of Agriculture for pesticide registration and testing units
 • Netherlands OECD GLP qualification in the field of environmental ecology and environmental behavior

Instrument and Equipment

Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometer

Gas chromatography-Mass spectrometry

Gas chromatography

High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Flow-Water System

Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrophotometer

Business Consulting

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