Healthy toxicity

       As one of the earliest safety assessment institutions in China, we have more than 50 years' experience in toxicology research. We have gradually developed from a toxicology group to a large safety assessment center with several GLP qualifications at internal and abroad. Health toxicology study covering acute toxicity, repeate toxicity, genetic toxicity, reproductive toxicity, microbial pesticide pathogenicity,metabolic kinetics and carcinogenesis could be carry out in accordance with OECD GLP and ICAMA GLP. Data and reports of health toxicology study for various pesticides have used and registered in China, the Netherlands, Mexico, the United States, and the United States. Singapore, Argentina, Brazil, India, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Taiwan and other countries. In addition, we can also carry out field exposure test for pesticides, and provide risk assessment data and one-stop registration service.

Service items

 1. Quick toxicity screen
 •  Acute toxicity lable
 •  Irritation lable
 •  Genotoxicity screen test
 •  Toxicity prediction and Toxicity data searching
  2. Test registration service
 •  Acute toxicity study
 •  Repeated toxicity study
 •  Genetic toxicity study
 •  Reproductive toxicity study
 •  Carcinogenicity study
 •  Neurotoxicity study
 •  Endocrine disruption evaluation
  3. Exposure studies of Pesticide
 •  Unit Exposure Test of Pesticide Operators

The guidelines to be followed

 •  GB15670.2017- Toxicological Test Methods of Pesticides for Registration  
 • OECD Guideline for the testing of chemicals   
 • Guideline on Unit Exposure Test of Pesticide Operators

Qualification platform

 • Safety Evaluation Center of Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry Ltd.
 • Good Laborotary Practice for Toxicological Safety Evaluation of Pestidids
 • Endorsement of compliance with OECD principles of Good Laborotary Practice in the toxicity area by Health Care Inspectorate of the Ministry of Health, The Netherlands.


Snout only aerosol inhalation instrument for small animla, multi-function microplate reader, automatic coagulation analyzer, biochemical analyzer, Multi-channel physiological recorder, animal ventilator, research grade (fluorescence) Inverted microscope, chemiluminescence imager, etc.

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