Quality Test of petroleum product

       There are 19 quality professionals, 10 senior engineers. Test the gasoline and diesel oil products, primarily to Hebei, Beijing, Tianjing, Liaoning, Jilin and other regions, combining with the characteristics of northern oil to carry out the quality testing, to provide gas station, oil depot, oil refining enterprise product testing services.The center has the ability to detect auto diesel oil, auto gasoline, auto ethanol gasoline (E10), auto ethanol gasoline blended oil products. The CNAS/CMA authorized and approved 73 inspection items and parameters. The laboratory can undertake sampling inspection of gasoline and diesel products, quality dispute arbitration, customer commissioned analysis and other work, at the same time can provide inspection technology consulting and technical training services.

Item of testing

 •Quality Arbitration Test
 •Quality Certification Test
 •spot-check of products
 •Entrusted test


 •Automobile diesel fuels  GB 19147-2016
 •Gasoline for motor vehicles  GB 19147-2016
 •Ethanol gasoline for motor vehicles(E10)GB 18351-2017
 •Blendstocks of Ethanol gasoline for motor vehicles  GB 22030-2017

qualification certificate

CNAS certification-Chinese

CNAS Certification-English

CMA Certification




Gas Chromatograph
Gas Chromatograph

Sulfur Analyzer
Sulfur Analyzer

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