Shenyang SYRICI Testing Co. Ltd (SYRICIT) is an independent third-party evaluation service agency. The company is affiliated to Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry (SYRICI), formerly known as the Testing and Evaluation Center of the SYRICI, including the national dye quality supervision and inspection center, safety evaluation center and pesticide testing laboratory, etc. In 2018, SYRICIT was integrated and established.

SYRICIT is dedicated to the evaluation and testing for the pesticide , chemicals, toxicity screening, preclinical evaluation of new drugs, identification of hazardous chemicals and wastes, etc. It provides one-stop service for the whole life cycle safety of chemicals for enterprises. What’s more, in the field of toxicology evaluation, SYRICIT is the first Chinese company that obtained the OECD GLP international certification. With comprehensive qualifications and advanced facilities and equipment, it is one of the top testing and evaluation agency in China.


The Safety Evaluation Center of Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry was established in 1982 under a cooperative program supported by UNDP and China former Ministry of Chemical Industry, mainly conducted on the safety evaluation of pesticides, drugs and other fine chemicals. Since 1996, the center has been put into operation in accordance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and has established an advanced safety evaluation experiment system, which can simultaneously perform the safety evaluation for pesticides, medicines, and new chemical substances. The Safety Evaluation Center has passed the National Food and Drug Administration GLP inspection in 2003, and then got the accreditation for the testing of new chemicals by the Ministry of Environmental Protection in 2004, the accreditation by the National Metrology Certification and AAALAC in 2006. In 2010, it became one of the first GLP test units approved by the Ministry of Agriculture. In 2012, the Safety Evaluation Center passed the inspection from the Netherlands authority and became OECD GLP accredited, which is the first OECD GLP certified laboratory in China. In 2014, the OECD GLP has covered six areas including toxicity, analysis, clinical chemistry, genetic toxicity, environmental toxicity, and environmental fate.

The center has now become a CRO with the extensive field and strong capacity, and it is also titled as National Pesticide Quality Supervision and Inspection Centre and National Shenyang New Drug Safety Evaluation and Research Center.


National Shenyang Pesticide Quality Supervision and Inspection Center is the product quality supervision and inspection agency authorized by the Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau of China. It is based in the pesticide inspection laboratory of SYRICI. It is the testing institution for chemical analysis of pesticide products recognized by the ministry of agriculture. In 2012, it passed the GLP on-site inspection of the Netherlands government and obtained the OECD GLP certification in the field of physicochemical and comprehensive analysis. At the same time, the center is capable of providing chemical physical and chemical testing, hazardous chemical identification and hazardous waste identification services. In 2016, the center obtained the qualification of the "chemical-physical risk identification institution" from the former State Administration of Work Safety. In addition, the center is also an affiliated unit of the national technical committee for standardization of pesticides (SAC/TC 133), responsible for proposing pesticide national and industry standards and revising annual plan responsible for proposing the formulation of national and industrial standards for pesticides, revising the annual plan suggestions, organizing and participating in the drawing up of national and industrial standards for pesticides. In 2016, the standard of pyraoxystrobin passed the review of the joint expert group of FAO and WHO, became the first FAO standard of Chinese pesticide.

State Dye Quality Supervision and Inspection Center is an impartial third party testing laboratory audited by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), it is also one of the first national product quality supervision and inspection organizations in China authorized by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China. The center is responsible for the quality supervision, spot check and product inspection of dyestuff, intermediates, printing and dyeing auxiliaries and food additives. As an affiliated unit of the national technical committee on dyestuff standardization (SAC/TC 134), it organized and participated in the formulation of national and industrial standards of dyestuff, put forward suggestions on the revision of annual plans of national and industrial standards of dyestuff, and organized the development, revision and review of national and industrial standards of dyestuff.